South Shore Lacrosse League is offers competitive recreational and select programs for girls in 3rd through 8th grade.
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Current Rules for 2017 - Last Updated 2/2017

South Shore Lacrosse League Rules

Officials and Coaches must meet before game to clarify rules / questions.  An emphasis on player development and sportsmanship should be made.  

Umpires are reminded about the following SSLL-specific rules

US Lacrosse Rules apply in all instances not mentioned in this card.

One 2-minute time-out per half per team.  Clock stops during time outs.


14U (7th & 8th) and 12U (5th & 6th)

A player may not go end to end to score.  If a player ignores obvious passing opportunities when going to cage; the play is stopped and the ball is given to the defensive team at either ½ field or their restraining line (whichever is closer to the point of the infraction).  If defensive players do not slide, No Call should be made


No 3 pass rule



No games in the SSLL are to be played with full checking including Night Lights (Even if Coaches agree to play that way)

Grades 5/6 (12U) and  7/8 (14U) modified checking only – entire stick below shoulder (Major Foul).

NOTE:  Stick-to-stick contact does not necessarily violate this rule if the attack player (not defender) initiates the contact.



Plays modified full field - 10 V 10


Clarification - goals should be moved so that the 12 meter arch is now the top of the crease on each end of the field.  Flat cones should mark the remainder of the crease.  A few cones should mark most of the 8 meter arc.  The defensive 3 second rule should be a warning to start with, such as "stay with you player" but should be called with repeated violations.  


Three Pass Rule for 3/4 (10U)

No player may shoot until her team has attempted or completed three passes. (Minor Foul)

1. The keeper clear is counted as one pass.  If the ball is played back to the keeper the pass count is reset to one.

2. A pass or attempt is counted when the receiver gains control of the ball (not when the passer throws it).

3. If a team loses the ball in their attacking half but recovers before the ball crosses into their defensive half then they retain any accumulated pass count.

4. Umpires (not coaches) are responsible for audibly counting pass completions.  Avoid saying “you may shoot” or “go to goal”.  Simply say “you have three passes”.

NOTE:  Umpires are encouraged to use their judgment in determining what is a legitimate pass in each game.



Score is not visually kept - Coaches will keep score and notify umpire if there is a four-goal differential.  The team with fewer goals can choose free position at midfield rather than a draw.  Coaches should discretely adjust play in lopsided games.  For very lopsided games, it is possible to mix the teams at half time.


Night Lights teams Do Keep Score - Home teams are expected to have some form of a scoreboard.  


Zero Tolerance for Misconduct

SSLL has zero tolerance for misconduct of players, coaches or followers (spectators). SSLL defines misconduct as any action taken by an individual that interferes with the safety and/or sportsmanship of the game, including verbal comments to umpires, players or coaches. A team follower’s misconduct may result in a yellow or red card assessed to the coach.  Penalties assessed for misconduct must be reported to the SSLL via an infraction report (




Umpires are reminded about the following US Lacrosse Youth Rules

Defensive 3-seconds

A player may not hold the ball 14U and 12U above her shoulders for more than 3 seconds when closely guarded/marked and the defense has both hands on her stick and is in position to legally check were checking allowed.  (CHANGE OF POSSESSION).  10U 3/4 because there is no checking when closely guarded by the defender starts the 3 second count no matter where the player is holding the stick.


Goal circle

If any part of the player’s body or stick crosses over the goal circle, the goal does not count.

Goalie Clear:  No deputy is allowed at any level.


Goalie Clear

No Deputy is allowed at any level (the goalie is the only one allowed in the goal circle).



14U/12U: 25 minute halves (maximum)

10U/8U: 20 minute halves (maximum)