South Shore Lacrosse League is offers competitive recreational and select programs for girls in 3rd through 8th grade.
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Keep the score in mind!  Suggested ways to manage uneven matches:

  • Ask your players to pass the ball more times before shooting on goal
  • Suggest your girls play with their 'weak' hand
  • Play a 'Man Down'


US Lacrosse - 10 Best Practices for Parents of Youth Lacrosse Players
Please look at #7 and #8 in this article.



The U9 Level is not a formal part of the SSLL.  In an effort to support towns to have the contact information to schedule scrimmages on their own, a sign up is being used so anyone in the SSLL can use that information to connect with the other towns.

View contact info. or sign up here


Open Games
The sign up below has a list of open games that you can sign up for.  Only South Shore Lacrosse League member towns can sign up for open games.  Contact   if you have SSLL games you would like to have added to this list.